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AKASHA is excited to be partnering with Novum Insights to hold its first event in the London blockchain community during Blockchain Week.

Join us for pizza and beer as we dive into the emerging world of tokenisation. There are dozens of groups gearing up to build real projects using tokens. This is potentially providing new access to capital for innovative startups, SME’s, real estate projects, commodity markets and funds.

This panel will discuss the trajectory of tokenisation and where it's all going, with topics covered including security tokens, non-fungible tokens, viable token economies and best practices to consider when tokenising an asset.

Introduction with Erin Grover of Akasha & Altai Digital Capital. Moderator: Toby Lewis of Novum Insights. Panellists: Sorcha Mulligan of SMEChain, Jason Tucker-Feltham of Venrai and Brian Elders of SORS Digital Assets, Simon Barnby of Archax and Keld van Schreven of KR1.

Sign up here while seats are still available. They're going fast!

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