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AKASHA Innovation Hub partner with Agriledger

The AKASHA Innovation Hub is proud to announce a partnership with Agriledger, a UK based project that has developed a platform which brings much needed transparency along the agriculture value chain and builds trust among stakeholders. The platform enables full traceability of products from end-to-end, tracking of all related financial obligations and facilitates immediate distribution of payments to participating actors.

Founded by Genevieve Leveille in 2016, Genevieve has more than 25 years’ experience dealing with large corporations and banks in financial supply chain optimisation. Her background is in corporate and institutional banking. With a reputation for the delivery of disruptive technologies in large-scale projects, Genevieve is recognised as an authority in the realm of digital identity and financial transformation. Exploring the powers of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) for over three years, her work in the financial inclusion for Africa with her previous employer, the global bank consortium IdenTrust, is well known.

AKASHA Hub COO Caoimhin O' Meallan, who works with the Agriledger Founder adds "We at the AKASHA Innovation Hub are delighted to work so closely with Genevieve, an inspirational and spirited Innovator and Founder who gets things done. Over the past couple of months, we have helped the project battle the daily nuances of building and structuring a dynamic and innovative business. The Agriledger project is currently operational in Haiti, having launched last month and we look forward to continued success for Genevieve and the Agriledger Team".

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