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Details about our certification program

We offer blockchain online classes at all levels from beginner to expert. The benefits of Blockchain are not limited to financial transactions.  Hence this course is not aimed only at Fintec or Banking professionals.  A digitization continues,  blockchain will be used more and more in everyday life, from delivery services to IoT ( Internet of Things ),  security,  retail and travel services.

The Blockchain Online Courses will teach you:

  • What is a Blockchain;

  • Why Blockchain is needed and what problems it solves;

  • How transactions are stored on a Blockchain;

  • How privacy and confidentiality are addressed in Blockchain;

  • How Blockchain guarantees data integrity (e.g. why it is so hard to ‘hack’);

  • Why there is so much excitement about Blockchain and its potential;

  • How to practically apply the concepts to assist with your business objectives;

  • Why is our Introduction to Blockchain class different ?

There are many different training companies presently introducing Blockchain at a high level, and also many classes with go deep into the technical details of Blockchain. However most if them miss the critical non-technical business explanation of the functioning of Blockchain to make business’s operations more efficient and secure. We have together grouped technology, design and business experts in this field to deliver this exciting and new opportunity;

Our blockchain online course offers classes which fills the gap that exists between purely technical classes about blockchain, on the one hand. and those classes that are mostly concerned with specific business applications.  Our classes were developed because a conceptual understanding of the technical foundations of blockchain is necessary in order to understand the specific blockchain applications, evaluate business cases of follow discussions on the economic impact that blockchain will have.

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